What is it like to live in a tiny house? 3 years of living and a lot of experiences that we want to share. :)


    Tiny house festival Romania

    As you probably know from our facebook, instagram and youtube, we were at a tiny house festival in Romania. And it was a blast! Cheap, cozy and tiny houses on wheels peeked at us from all sides. Each one completely…


    Tiny house quarantine

    We´ve decided to share details of our tiny house life during coronavirus pandemic. What is the main difference between life before and now? How we spend our time in the small space and are we going crazy? 😀 The space is…


    First winter

    How much wood did we need in our tiny house for heating during the winter? Can it be lived in even when it's freezing outside? We have tested it and we are happy to share it with you. :)


    Moving in

    DIY tiny house build coming to finish, bathroom doors, ladder to upstairs, composting toilet and more. Almost done! Have a look.