Thank you very much for all the support and positive emails you write. We appreciate it! You ask lot of interesting questions, which are often repeated.

So far we have answered the questions individually, but we decided to publish the answers. However, if you have a question that you cannot find here, feel free to write to tinyhouseslovakia@gmail.com and we will try to publish the answer.

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What are the exact dimensions of the trailer?

  • The trailer has standard dimensions – 2.5m width and 6.6m length. The tiny house built did not exceed these dimensions, so we can drive the Slovakian roads without any special permissions.

What is the overall height of the house?

  • The house has a maximum height possible  4m, so it fits underneath most bridges. Wherever a normal truck gets, we get too.

What is the ceiling height in the interior?

  • In kitchen,  and bathroom, clearance is 1.95m and it feels quite enough. In the livingroom area height ranges from 2.1m in the corner to 3.05 at the highest interior point. It feels very spacious. In the sleeping area, there is a height from 0.8m to 1.2m. It is enough to sit straight without our head touching the ceiling. 🙂

What type of  insulation did you use and how much?

  • While choosing the insulation we focused on the quality and weight. The thermal conductivity of the material,  is very important. The lower the conductivity coefficient is, the better. We have selected sheep wool – Gold insulation Platinum from Woolstyle with a thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.034 W / (m • K).
    Walls are insulated by 8cm – which has a thermal resistance of about 32 centimeters uninsulated wall from Ytong or Porotherm.
    The roof is insulated by 10cm.
    Both – roof and the walls are constructed with an air gap, which greatly helps to prevent overheating. The window system is designed to allow cross ventilation – when we open all the windows, you can really feel the breeze. Because it is a small space, it heats up very easily and quickly throughout the winter.

What about water and water waste system?

  • We collect the rain water and then filter it and use it for washing up and shower.
    Grey water from the shower and the kitchen is filtered and used as water for gardening. We  use eco-friendly products.
    We own separation composting toilet that does not need water.

How is your electricity solved?

  • Electricity is solved by photovoltaic system (panels + batteries). We use standard 12V system with 230V converter. Capacity is scaled according to our real needs.

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