Tiny house festival Romania

As you probably know from our facebook, instagram and youtube, we were at a tiny house festival in Romania. And it was a blast!

Cheap, cozy and tiny houses on wheels peeked at us from all sides.

Each one completely specific, amazing  and effective. If we had to choose which one to buy, we really couldn’t decide…

The interest in houses on wheels was obvious by the nonstop arriving visitors, who were not deterred even by the rain.

How did we get there?

They invited us as guests. We were very pleased. We had been wondering how we would get there and then we risked it with our van. It was worth it and we thoroughly enjoyed it. 🙂

We already knew about two Romanian companies, but we had no idea that there were so many of them. The houses they make are beautiful, affordable, and most can be easily assembled from a trailer. 🙂

They are currently very popular in Germany, for example.

We have written  a list of manufacturers with prices. Would you be interested in a Tiny house from Romania?