We would like thank the portals, press and TV that you like our house and you want to write about it or make a report. Here we had the honor to answer questions 🙂

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We would really like to thank all the people and companies that helped us with the realization of our first tiny house.


First of all, many thanks to Barbora´s father  Vladimír Drblík, who was the full time third member of our building team. ? Thanks to his well equipped garage and his good neighbours in Jasenica (where the house was built) we did not have to buy ladders, saws, screwdrivers, …. ?

We can not forget to mention both mothers, Alena Drblíková and Dagmar Bogdanová and Barbora´s grandma Vlasta Rosinová, who were not just the huge moral  support for us abut also prepared meals for the whole day of work. 🙂

Thank you, Nikola Drblíková (Barbora´s sister), for all-day screwdriving work of the facade.








Many thanks to company MIKRA situated in Martin, especially to Miloš Kramár, where we could cut the first construction wood, consult and buy screws  and wood even after the opening hours. 🙂

While choosing the thermal insulation, two companies helped us a lot. Woolstyle and Tepore. Both deal with natural insulation. Woolstyle is an excellent producer of Slovak sheep wool insulation – Gold isolation and Tepore is a Slovak distributor for STEICO-wood fiber and hemp insulation. However, because of the weight, we´ve chosen the sheep insulation.

Last but not least, thanks to Stanislav Šterdas – a tinsmith who has struggled with the folding of our metal roof and the chimney while it has been snowing on his back.