Land for tiny house

Well, this blog may seem a little boring to you, but it describes almost half a year of our despair, a few gray hairs and sleepless nights.

The search can begin

One would simly think that renting land would not be a major problem. After all, we are decent employed people, with a small wooden cottage. We are looking for barely 200m2 of land, no water or electricity needed.

We were convinced that we would find the plot very easily. However, we forgot an important factor: NEIGHBORHOOD, terrain, driveways and distance from public transport and, above all, the Slovak mentality.

Plot no. 1

My friend and I had an agreement before the construction started that we could give the house there. Her land is just right for our house, because it is tiny and even triangular in shape, so she didn’t know how to use it otherwise. It was only 200-300m2, but with a little river on the side a driveway and close to a bus stop. Perfection. The agreement was that we would also mow the second, larger plot of land at the same time and thus help each other.

We were happy that it was so easy and they boldly set to work. Really, starting to build a house without land is quite a risk. 😀


The shock came when we came to see the plot again six months later. With the measuring tools in hand, we were already measuring where we would par the tiny house….

“If you come with your tiny house here, I will make you problems.”

When suddenly the next-door neighbor appeared and started talking that he didn’t want anyone there, that he never considered that there could be anything besides a garage and that he wants his privacy. That if we come there with the house, he will cause us problems. That he owns a club in Martin and we should ask people what kind of trouble he can make.

Well, thank you very much. After a few more threats were made, we decided that such a debate was going nowhere and went home. We arrived the next day in a more moderate spirit, saying that it’s okay if he helps us find another piece of land, we don’t have to be neighbors.

He called us in and we have to admit he really tried. He called acquaintances, real estate agents. But we realized that no one wants to rent the land. Everyone would only sell and we would only want to buy one that we could theoretically build on in the future. By going into debt and buying the land, we would still deny our original Tiny house idea.

So the “neighbor” and we said goodbye. But we didn’t want to go to this land anymore.

The search continues

Yes, in theory we could park the house anywhere, even in front of Tesco, but let’s be honest, that wouldn’t be a sustainable solution. 😀

I guess we looked at all the ads, wrote to real estate agents, placed an ad, searched on Facebook. We searched for rent, for purchase, gardening settlements, cottage settlements, arable land, meadows, … In the meantime, we needed to move the house from my father from Jasenica, so luckily we were able to park it in front of the MIKRA company in Martin.

Our search found us three properties for rent. Two through the GBAS community on Facebook (you’re great!) from two former students of the bilingual grammar school in Sučany (I went to high school there). Bogy’s colleague contacted us as a second option.

All plots were great, but there were allways a little problem ☹ Either we weren’t sure if we would be able to pull the tiny house there because of the terrain, or it was too far for the morning commute.

Thank you very much to everyone who told us that they have a piece of land. We really appreciate it. We didn’t even expect that up to three people would call, it was a pleasant surprise that people are willing to share 🙂

Plot no. 2

In the meantime, we were still looking for land. We found one for rent in Turčiansky Peter. Nice, with trees, fenced. We called that we are taking it and agreed on the lease. A week later we went there to measure it. To our surprise, the trees were trimmed, the grass mowed. So we tried to call and say thank you for preparing it so nicely for us. But no one answered the phone. A few days later we called again.


The lady texted back saying she was very sorry, but her mother had rented the land to someone else in the family without her knowledge.

Plot no. 3

We looked at the ads again that very day. And you know what? On that very day, an ad for renting a plot of land in Vrútky was added. We immediately wrote e-mails, called, arranged a meeting. The land was perfect, people were looking for someone to take care of it, mow it, improve it, fix the fence.

Right from the first meeting, we finally had the feeling that this is exactly what we are looking for. huraaaay

As we say, it was a long period, during which I guess we started to grow gray hair, but as it happens in every fairy tale, this one also had a good ending. 😀