First winter

What does life in a tiny house look like during the winter? How much wood did we use and not freeze? We are happy to share our experience with you.

Winter is gone and we can honestly say that winter in the house on wheels was much easier than we expected. Yes, we are definitely looking forward to summer when we no longer have to make the fire every day.

How much did we pay the wood for the whole winter?

At the beginning of winter we bought a 1m3 of softwood (chopped to 30cm logs), 1m3 of hardwood and some sunflower briquettes . We put the logs under the trailer and the terrace and hoped it was enough wood for the whole winter. 🙂 It was. 🙂

The whole winter heat cost us not less then 200 euros and we still have some remains for colder evenings.

We would have burnt more if we spent the whole day in the house, but since we are all day at work, we heated only in the evening and night and weekends.

New storage spaces

At the beginning of winter we found out two things. We have no place to put our shoes and we have no wood shelf. To avoid having to go out for each log, Barbora made both , the shoe shelves and wood shelf from the scrap wood in two days. They serve well since. We also lacked a lot of storage space, and so we added some shelves where possible too. 🙂

Polica na drevo a polica na topánky

Does the stove provide enough heat?

You ask a lot of questions about the temperature inside the house while it´s freezing outside.  It took us some time to  learn how to heat the tiny house properly.  At the beginning it took us almost half an hour to start a fire (now 2 minutes: D), or we got it very hot and then woke up at night sweating,  : D

The usual temperature inside the house is 23 degrees downstairs and 26 uptairs. It cools down during the night, but it depends on how much wood and air we put in .

Our wood stove is easy to regulate, so we try to keep the fire till the morning without need to waking up at night. If we do it right the morning  temperature is 19-22 degrees . If we do it  wrong, we wake up to 13 degrees. : D With our thick blanket it´s no problem.

We don´t heat the tiny house while not at home. The lowest temperature experienced was 0. It happed only once while we didn´t heat for 3 days straight.  Nothing froze inside. 😀

When the temperature outside was -5 during the day, inside was 6 (without heating all day) It take only 30 minutes to heat up from 6 to 16 and another 30 minutes to  22.

We do have a CO sensor just to make sure. .


We found a little space for Christmas tree too. :). It was so cute:) :).

Our christmas decoration 🙂

As our christmas presents we bought some water filters, batteries, waters pumps, … 😀

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