In this article, we will try to explain what a tiny house actually is, what is the difference between a tiny house, a mobile home  and a caravan. We will also talk about what is the main reason why people build it or buy it.

Roots of tiny house

With contemporary  economy problems more and more alternatives are emerging on the housing market to suit a wider range of people. Tiny house was invented in the United States, increasing number of houses on wheels are being build in the Europe as well. It’s just a mini portable home on wheels that you can afford without  a mortgage. You usually don´t need  a building permit for this type of house. You can even just borrow a parking spot.

The main characteristics

A tiny house is minimalistic home on wheels. Tiny house is usually off-grid,  totally self-sufficient. It does not need water, electricity or sewer connections. It´s often custom-made, made of high-quality materials, and usually people build it entirely, or at least partially, by themselves. Of course, there are also companies that will design it completely and build it on a turnkey basis. We enjoy visiting and comparing these companies, so make sure to check out our youtube channel tinyhouseslovakia, where you will definitely get a lot of inspiration. We will be very happy if you also subscribe. 🙂

A short compilation of visited tiny houses from 2023

The difference between a tiny house and a mobile home

A tiny house is a house on a trailer usually built using traditional construction technologies of a wooden house. Unlike a mobile home, it can usually go down the road on its own wheels without being considered an oversized load. It can also be towed by an ordinary car, if the towing device has the necessary load capacity and the driver has the necessary driving license. It is much more likely that A tiny house on a trailer with a license plate does not need a building permit.

The difference between a tiny house and a caravan

The difference between a tiny house and a caravan is mainly in weight, wall thickness and overall thermal insulation properties.

The caravan is intended for travel, frequent transfers, recreation, it can be towed behind a completely normal car. However a tiny house is not intended for holiday travel due to its higher weight and shape. Tiny house can also be used for full-fledged year-round living, thanks to decent thermal insulation properties.

Because of its weight and shape it is not suited for a holiday travel, only for an occasional move to a new location(at low speed).

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Tiny house movement

Tiny house  has its own movement – Tiny house movement. It’s a movement pointing out the minimum things we really need for life. One does not need many things to be happy. Its members prefer life in small and functional homes. Benefits, in addition to saving space, are obvious: less  material needed and lower construction costs, low operating costs, and, at best, a sustainability-based concept.

“People begin to understand that surplus does not necessarily mean luxury, but it can be a burden and a commitment. They spend 30 and more years paying for this whole space and things they do not actually need. “

To our surprise, a couple with a child can also live in a tiny house. However, it is usually young couples and  individuals who choose to live in a tiny house. Sometimes it´s just used as a cabin in the mountains for rent.

Tiny house in Europe

Tiny house has already reached Europe. When wrote this post five years ago, there were only few of them in Europe. Our favorite at the time was the Dutch Marjolein in het klein. The woman lived in it for over 4 years completely off-grid and later sold it. However, she presented life in a tiny house so well that the Netherlands was the leader in the number of tiny houses for a long time. The interest in tiny houses gradually increased throughout Europe, and now there are so many of them that we can’t keep track of all the companies and people living in houses on wheels. 🙂 Tiny houses are produced in France, Netherlands, Poland and especially in Romania.

Tiny house in Slovakia

We think that our tiny house was the first one in Slovakia. 🙂 Over the years, many people have contacted us with questions about DIY construction, and that’s why there is definitely more of us. 🙂 Have you started building? Did our BLOG help you? Let us know. We are always very pleased with a photo of another house in our area. 🙂