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Maximum dimensions of a tiny house in EU

What are the maximum allowable dimensions of a tiny house without it being considered an oversized load in Europe?

It is the question that is in the minds of everyone who is going to build a house on wheels. We have also dealt with it very intensively, so in this short article we will summarize what it is :

  • the largest possible width of the tiny house
  • the largest possible length
  • the largest possible height of the house on the trailer

Is it worth for me to deal with the largest allowed dimensions? When?

First of all, you need to realize how often you will move the house.

If you plan to transport your future tiny house only once, twice at most, it may not be worth it to deal with every centimeter and pay extra for oversized transportation.

But if there is a possibility that you will move it more often, or you can pull it with your own car and you have a needed driver’s license, then it is really better to think about the maximum possible dimensions so that it can go on the road any time.

The largest permitted dimensions of the vehicle and chassis

(2)The largest allowed dimensions are:

maximum width allowed

1. vehicle category M12,55 m
2. vehicle category M2, M3, N a O2,55 m
3. isothermal vehicles category N a O2,60 m

b) najväčšia povolená výška

1. vehicle category L1e, L2e, L3e, L4e, L5e, L6e, L7e, LS2,50 m
2. vehicle category M, N, O, T, C, R, S, PS4,00 m
3. vehicle category N3 and O44,20 m
4.tractor trailer (N3 and O4)4,00 m+2 %

c) najväčšia povolená dĺžka

1. vehicle category L1e, L2e, L3e, L4e, L5e, L6e, L7e, LS4,00 m
2. of a trailer for a two-wheeled vehicle of category L cannot be greater than the length of the towing vehicle, the most it can be2,50 m
3.vehicle category M1, N, O (okrem návesov)12,00 m

Tiny house belongs to category O, trailers, and therefore :

Maximum dimensions of a tiny house

The largest permissible dimensions of a house on a trailer, without it being an oversized load, are:

  • 2,55m width,
  • 4m height (note that this is the height from the ground, i.e. together with the trailer)
  • 12m lenght

Our tip: The maximum weight must also be observed, which, for example, is not possible with a length of 12 m and a trailer weight of 3.5 tons. Therefore, calculate well and choose the right trailer.

Operation of oversized transport and excessive transport in Slovakia (EU)

(1) If the vehicle exceeds the largest permitted dimensions it needs a special permit for transport on the road.

(3)If, during oversize transport in road traffic, the total width of the vehicle or rolling stock exceeds 3 m, or the total height exceeds 4.3 m, or the total length exceeds 23 m, including transported cargo, the vehicle or rolling stock must be accompanied at the front and rear by escort vehicles equipped with special warning with orange lights and marked with a special informative sign according to § 7, which warn other road users about excessive operation of the vehicle or vehicle. On the highway or expressway, an accompanying vehicle is sufficient only at the back. If road traffic safety could be jeopardized by excessive traffic, the vehicle or vehicle set must be accompanied by Police Force vehicles marked as belonging to the Police Force, equipped with special sound warning signs and special warning lights.

Marking of vehicles for oversized traffic and excessive traffic

(1) Vehicles or vehicles must be marked with a special informative sign on the front and rear of the vehicle, which draws attention to special traffic, if

a)carry out oversized transport, while their total width exceeds 3.00 m or total height exceeds 4.30 m, or total length exceeds 23.00 m including transported cargo or

carry out excessive transport, while the vehicle or rolling stock exceeds 50.00 t.

(2) The special informative sign is made in yellow from material with retroreflection class 25) and with the inscription„SONDERTRANSPORT“, „EXCEPTIONAL TRANSPORT“, „TRASPORTO ECCEZIONALE“, „CONVOI EXCEPTIONNEL“, „ABNORMAL TRANSPORT“, „SPECIAL TRANSPORT“. The color of the letters is black. In the case of international excessive transport or oversized transport, the inscription may be in the language of a member state of the European Union or in the language of another state that is a contracting party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area,

Other vehicles carrying out oversized transport or excessive transport, especially accompanying vehicles, are also marked with a special informative sign that draws attention to special transport.

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