how we´ve picked the trailer

One searches and searches for what kind of trailers the American tiny houses use… Usually they all look the same, or at least very similar. But we did not find one in Slovakia, because the market for tiny house trailers in 2017 was still in its infancy in Europe. In the Netherlands, they solved it by talking to a guy who makes trailers for ships to make them too. Special. And he then turned it into a business and is already selling official trailers under Tiny house. 🙂 However, at that time, 3000 euros (now it’s more) just for a trailer seemed too much to us. And we didn’t want to deal with the transport from the Netherlands either. But if you happen to want to look at them, this is their  web  So we started looking at some Slovak trailers that are not primarily intended for tiny houses but can be used. AGAGOS DONA-plato with a loading width of 2,470, a length of 6,610 and a load capacity of 3.5t was the most suitable for us. It costs 5,120 euros new. Thank God for bazoš, where we found a few Czech and Slovak used trailers for a favorable price of around 1500 euros. A beauty. We went to the south of Slovakia to look at the trailer that we wanted the most one rainy Sunday and agreed with the guy that when he checked it out he would bring it to us in Považská Bystrica. 🙂 Suddenly so simple. Uiiiii a week later we waited for the trailer in the evening like children at Christmas and sure enough it arrived lit up like a Coca-Cola truck. 😀 We had mixed feelings of incredible joy that we are really going to do it, but also a kind of fear from the challenge that we are really going to build a wooden house on wheels. 😀 At the police station, we changed the trailer to Barbora. The look of the policewoman and actually all the people around when they found out that the trailer belonged to the blonde, who couldn’t even pull it with her driver, was priceless. 😀 A new MOT for two years was done on the trailer, and I drove it in front of my dad’s house, where it will all take place in the next few months. 😀 Are you looking for a tiny house trailer now? There are really many options and manufacturers, and if you follow us, we are preparing an article about them 🙂 If you like our articles or if we helped you, we will be very happy if you give us a like and follow on our Facebook, youtube and Instagram. © The publication of parts or whole articles from tinyhouseslovakia.sk resources is prohibited without the prior written consent of the authors. If you are interested in further dissemination of our text, you can contact us at tinyhouseslovakia@gmail.com