A story about tiny house wood framing

What I found out after graduation university of architecture?

Well, that I know a little bit about everything, a lot about concepts and architectural studies, but I can´t remember almost anything about wooden constructions from that one exam that was so long ago. 😀

On the one hand, examples of wooden houses with massive walls, on the other hand, examples of tiny houses, where wood is used really carefully mainly due to weight.

It was a nightmare of redraws, shifting, thinking, until finally the final drawing of the wooden frame came out, according to which the luber was ordered. Counted three times, do we really need that much, deciding whether we are going to use KVH studs and rafters or just regular ones…

After many consultations, we finally ordered the luber, made a plan, and started cutting the wood for the structure with great enthusiasm.

And because we know that planning was no fun, we also plan to sell our project at a symbolic price 🙂

Neither of us is a carpenter. But Miloš Kramár from the Martin company MIKRA lent us his makita miter saw, which was great, he showed us how to do it and voila, in one evening and one day we had it all done.

We loaded all the wood into the van and drove it to Jasenica near Považská Bystrica, where the trailer was already waiting.

We prayed that everything would go well and that it would fit… 😀

The weather was kind to us and we both took 4 days of vacation. Such a typical Slovak vacation 😀 and we started building. 😀

tetris level 5000 😀

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