Final transport and land preparation

We got the land in Vrútky. For rent, of course.

We wrote about what kind of struggle it was in the previous blog.

It was worth it and the land is absolutely wonderful, between family houses, in a quiet street, with a beautiful view, with a driveway. At first glance, perfect, at second glance a bit overgrown, with a destroyed fence, but nothing terrible.

We start mowing

After an agreement with the owners of the land (You’re great! You saved us, thank you!), we started mowing the land, digging up all the blackberries that had grown there, overgrown greenery.

We borrowed an older lawnmower from Papradno, which spilled gasoline in our trunk, but it was terribly difficult to start (sometimes not at all) and could not mow larger greens. 😀 A few days later, fortunately, our friends Majka and Matúš lent us a better trimmer and brushcutter (thank you) – with that it was something better.

this is what the plot looked like in the beginning


starting the trimmer, digging and raking 🙂

We also tried scythe with Bogy’s colleague Jan. Where there were no raspberries, he did great. He was as fast as a lawnmower 😀 . He also deserves immense thanks. I walked around with a hoe and dug up everything they couldn’t mow. And so there was an abundance of raspberries and other things. And if only raspberry…

First questions from neighbors

Susedia z ulice sa zastavovali, pýtali sa, či ideme stavať, či sme pozemok kúpili …

So we gradually prepared them for the fact that one day we will bring our tiny house there. 😀 As the transport date approached, we also showed a photo so they knew what to expect.

We found out that there is a burial site of thuja, bushes, and conifers on the property. Just an incredible amount of cuttings, piles and mounds of branches overgrown with greenery. Apparently, it was easier for the entire street to throw the clippings and grass clippings on the unused lot than to take it to the yard.

Endless trips to the scrap yard

One weekend we tried to clean it up ourselves. We rented a trailer and loaded what we could uphill onto it. They then sorted grass and branches in the collection yard. The problem was that the collection yard is only open until three o’clock on Saturday. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t turn it around more than twice.

On the second Saturday, we already called Ďuri and Aďka for help (thank you). When there were four of us, it was a joy. It went much faster. We cleaned up the worst. There was still a bunch of grass with branches, but smaller. We didn’t mind them that much.

Together, we took out a ton of branches and grass (we know this for sure, because they always weighed it in the collection yard.) The land immediately looked like the world.

All we had to do was adjust the curb to make it passable and we could move in.


sorting in the collection yard for branches and grass


Our helpers Ďuri with Aďka and Jano – THANK YOU! 🙂

Transportation from Martin to Vrútky

We started looking for a car that would transport the house from Martin to Vrútky,

First, we agreed on a tractor. Too bad it broke right before we needed it. ☹ We also considered renting the same car as last time, but going to Považská for it seemed pointless.

And so out of the blue, Bogy asked the guys who were helping us dig up the curb. They sent him to someone, who sent him to another, and out came a guy with a truck.

They agreed that he would come to see the house on Sunday morning. We didn’t expect to transport it right away, but just to be sure, we fixed everything that could move inside it and started folding the chimney down. After a while, a big car appeared, two guys and already started to turn our house behind the car. 😀

Within a few minutes we had our tiny house in Vrútky. On the straight he went perfectly fine 70, in the corner it was good that he was pulled slower. There were narrow roads leading to the land, with electricity above, but we passed everything just within the limit. If we had a house half a meter higher, we would have already torn the wires. 😀

We forgot the important thing that the guy with the truck has no chance to turn on the lot. So he could only reverse it.

As with the house, all the neighbors gradually moved out. When they disconnected the car, the street was already full. 😀 We wanted to invite the future neighbors in, but until the house was underpinned, it could tip over, so we didn’t want to risk it.

Turning the tiny house on the plot

The house was left in a strange position on the edge of the property, and we still needed to get a tractor or an all-terrain vehicle with a winch.

Bogy thought that we would turn it around and put it in place with our van. Well 😀 with the help of three friends, we did turn the house by 90 degrees, but it was enough that it rained gently and the van fell into place :D.

A house turned 90 degrees with the help of a van, Filip, Pať and Rob. It couldn’t go any further, the van sank and the house remained tilted. 😀

Fortunately, Filip called Lukáš, who has an off-road pickup truck.

The phone call went something like this:

“Listen,  come with your car to Vrutky. I need to turn the house. No, I’m not kidding, I’m not doing drugs, it’s really happening. :D”

And he came. The winch worked like clockwork. We got the house on phase no. 1. Glazing to the south, but not with much privacy. It was no longer possible with the winch.

After two weeks, the last turn on the property

We had the house in this location for about two weeks. Although it was more visible from the street, it had a good orientation, but we did not feel comfortable in it. We kept speculating whether we could get the tractor one more time and turn another 90 degrees. One Saturday morning, my little soul and I called Filip, whose girlfriend’s grandfather has a tractor. He said he would ask and they were already coming to the property 😀

This time he engaged the front of the tractor and managed to maneuver it with complete precision.

We can say with a clear conscience that this location of the house is absolutely the best. The terrace and windows to the east are perfect. Just right for morning coffee.

We needed 10 hands to clean the land and 16 hands to move the house to the correct position. They used a total of 4 means of transport, but it worked out. Thank you very much to everyone involved! ! !

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