With contemporary  economy problems more and more alternatives are emerging on the housing market to suit a wider range of people. Tiny house was invented in the United States, increasing number of houses on wheels are being build in the Europe as well. It’s just a mini portable home on wheels that you can afford without  a mortgage. You don´t need  a building permit for this type of house. You can even just borrow a parking spot. Portable homes can be parked almost anywhere. These houses  are usually  located in yards, parks, or in the countryside. Imagine the freedom to be able to get up and move your home as you wish. Are you in fight with your neighbors? Do you want the change the view from your livingroom? Just go.

The main characteristics

Tiny house is usually off-grid,  totally self-sufficient. It does not need water, electricity or sewer connections. Unlike the caravan, it has normal walls built with traditional wood-house constructional technologies. Tiny house is higher than the caravan, but it fits into the dimensions of the truck trailer.

Because of its weight and shape it is not suited for a holiday travel, only for an occasional move to a new location(at low speed).

Tiny House is always unique, made of quality materials, and  people  usually build it  or at least part of it by themselves. There are, of course, companies that can do it for you. 🙂

The house area ranges from 6-36m2 and prices from 15,000-90,000.

Check our latest blog about our first year of living tiny with some contemporary photos HERE 

Tiny house movement

Tiny house  has its own movement – Tiny house movement. It’s a movement pointing out the minimum things we really need for life. One does not need many things to be happy. Its members prefer life in small and functional homes. Benefits, in addition to saving space, are obvious: less  material needed and lower construction costs, low operating costs, and, at best, a sustainability-based concept.

“People begin to understand that surplus does not necessarily mean luxury, but it can be a burden and a commitment. They spend 30 and more years paying for this whole space and things they do not actually need. “

To our surprise, a couple with a child can also live in a tiny house. However, it is usually young couples and  individuals who choose to live in a tiny house. Sometimes it´s just used as a cabin in the mountains for rent.

Tiny house in Europe

The Tiny House has arrived to Europe recently . You can find some of them in Netherlands,  France, Austria, Germany, Poland, Romania.  The number of houses on wheels  is growing rapidly. Our favorite one is this : Marjolein in het klein. The woman living three also writes a  blog about a live in the Tiny House. She lives there for over 3 years and completely off-grid, without any networks. She is a great inspiration for us.


In Austria, the most popular one is the  wohnwagon.



These weekend houses  from Harvard Student are very interesting.


Tiny house in Slovakia

There are many articles about the couples building their own Tiny House. We are probably the first in Slovakia. 🙂

We are in contact with many people and it looks like it´s going to be more of us finally.